Easy Rod! These snozzberries taste like snozzberries.



I suffer from it, amongst other things. Why put off what you can do today.. I think the saying goes like that no? Well I'll tell you why.. S OYOU DONT HAVE TO DO IT TODAY>!

Uni is draining my life force.. it's the worst. I miss work. I miss money. I miss having a purpose. I miss not being surrounded by a bunch of try hard nerds... well at least not ones straight out of school.

Seems like a lot of uToob videos are not embedding anymore, lames.


6 more months

If you dislike something, it would be logical to sign up for 6 more months right? Yup.. go my brain, more uni please.

The Duke is back

Super Easy Mode

How to be a girl


I want!

Clarkson Beatbox



I started looking at jobs today.. that tells me something. Bring on next semester at the end of the year, I need to get back in the real world.

Are you the weakest link? I got them all right, however most of my friends only got one.. maybe I'm a genius. I doubt it, seeming as I failed my free Mensa test.