Easy Rod! Say car Ram-Rod.


IP Reputation

I recently had some issues sending from one of my domains to iiNet, well any iiNet owned domain actually. Was getting bounce backs along the lines of:

554 Your access to this mail system from x.x.x.x has been rejected due to the sending MTA's poor reputation

Quick search (and some first hand knowledge of iiNet's network) shows they are using IronPort's for their mail, a hardy product compared to some others I have had the misfortune of using (McAfee for instance use TrustedSource). Plug in the IP of the mail server and see what comes up! Normally if you're at this point it's because there is an issue and all sorts of red will be plastered over your screen. The hard part now is to realise there is not much you can do.


Typically a poor IP reputation is indicative of a spammer or exploited server. Once that has stopped it takes a period of time before the traffic comes back to normal levels and the nasty red turns green. Two links to use for IronPort reputation checking:


Zotac Remote Control

Before I start the hate, I just finished setting up a Zotac AD12 HTPC and what a great little machine it is. I'm too lazy to go over the specs but it has one of those AMD Fusion thingys with a Radeon something something and urgh I put in a small SSD and 8 GB RAM. It's a relatively beefy HTPC - small, sleek and funky.

Zotac Nano AD12

I was going to go with XBMC on Ubuntu but decided to streamline and went with OpenELEC, basically a distro in itself purely to act as a media box. Very quick and easy to setup, everything was working with minor effort.. except that dam remote.

To be fair the remote was working almost perfectly with the one small exception. Each keypress was being duplicated! Argh I've heard about these issues before with remotes, lirc and the like. As always I hit the forums and read a bazillion posts, before narrowing it down to some strange advice about taping up parts of the receiver. Long story short the USB IR receiver extension is rubbish, throw it in the bin and use the internal one built into the box.

Wooo HTPC, now to copy all the media to an external HDD and off we go.




Handling Introverts

After an interesting discussion with my girlfriend tonight I thought back to this infographic I saw a while ago, thought I'd share it. I think this sums up some good qualities of introverts nicely.. well for myself at least :)



Why is it one of the first things we ask about a person we have just met is "what do you do?". The question is actually very open ended however it is generally assumed the response is in form of what takes up the majority of your time (what's your job). Does our job define us? Should it? My goal for the next few years is to be a Unix System Administrator (nerd) however I try to avoid answering the aforementioned question for a work related answer. Society is too conformist these days, people should question the norms more.. just because something is typical done in a certain way doesn't mean it has to be. Next time I'm asked what do you do, I'm sure to come up with something witty.

Been an age since my last update, sorry to all those strangers who don't actually read this. If all goes well and passed my exams I've gotten my undergraduate degrees and working on the last unit for my MBA certificate. I'm meant to be studying currently, however the book on Organisational Behaviour is basically a philosophy regurgitation (I much prefer Three Minute Philosophy or Philosophy Bro).

Probably be moving to Canberra in the next month or two.. scary times.

Hoping some time soon this silly Word Press video plugin will start working again so I can embed!



I suffer from it, amongst other things. Why put off what you can do today.. I think the saying goes like that no? Well I'll tell you why.. S OYOU DONT HAVE TO DO IT TODAY>!

Uni is draining my life force.. it's the worst. I miss work. I miss money. I miss having a purpose. I miss not being surrounded by a bunch of try hard nerds... well at least not ones straight out of school.

Seems like a lot of uToob videos are not embedding anymore, lames.


I’m only straight because I was born male

So uni has started and I'm behind in my readings already, probably one of the many reasons why it's taken me 9 years to finish my degree. Fingers crossed if I can stop being lazy this will be the last semester!

Just stuffed myself at a Thai restaurant with some friends from high school, funny that after 10 years the four of us are still relatively close and for a couple of years even all worked at the same company! Speaking of iiNet (the aforementioned company), if you don't know what I'm talking about.. then Google iiNet AFACT as the chances are you pirate and should be aware what's going on. Anywho.. the appeal was dismissed - Huzzah. Next is the high court no doubt, however lets celebrate this victory first.

Excellent show, funny mix of it.

Marvel goodness?

More Marvel..

Smells like a Hero's ripoff.


Everything’s amazing, nobodys happy

Ahh Louis CK, you tickle me in ways that you shouldn't. I know I've probably raved about him before but I can't help myself.. Google him. Great stand up, although I'm not a fan of his "tv show" that's based on his stand up.. lacks a lot of the punch.

We are in a pretty interesting place right now in time, the digital age has revolutionised every aspect of our lives. When was the last time you went into a bank to get money? What would you do if you had no mobile phone.. or worse, the Internet broke! People bitch and moan too much, what about a bit of elbow grease and suffering. The people in Egypt revolted against their government to get what they deserved, yet if the fat kid doesn't get the latest Halo he kills his mum - listen to Drew Carey.

As fun as it looks? Here's hoping...

Should better than the second

Can always trust Rockstar to do something different


Valentines Day

Was yesterday.. dam all those happy people out there. Started up uni on this auspicious day - doesn't seem very fair. Not sure how I managed to convince myself that dragging out finishing my degree from 12 months to 18 wasn't enough, nooo I signed up for summer and winter units to get a head start on an MBA. What does an MBA have to do with my Computer Science / Internet Software Devleopment degree you ask? NOTHING. What does it have to do with my goal of being a Systems Engineer? NOTHING. Sigh I'm great.

John Cena vs Shaving

Twilight done right

Could be interesting

Hopefully as I mentioned last post I'll do up a quake-gasm post, however I'm still in Duke fever. Gearbox announced the other day the special edition of Duke, heh love the name: Duke Nukem - Balls of Steel edition. I'm really looking forward to the hard cover book and shamefully enough the radioactive emblem dice!


Tidy Up

Hmmph since the new YouTube plugin causes all sorts of performance issue going to spam a bunch of links I've had saved for a rainy day. Not a very exciting post I know, but the next one will.. hmm might be :)


Duke Nukem Forever

Almost half my life I've waited for this. Where can I click buy?


Had to run away to Margaret River for a family holiday, back now to dribble on about Duke for a bit. Going to do a bit of an unfair comparison here, Quake vs Duke. It should be fairly obvious that Quake is hands down one of the greatest games ever created (will write up something about it shortly), however at the age of 12 when both Quake and Duke Nukem were released in 1996 the choice was easy... a creepy scary game or a humorous character blowing shit up. Duke won and I loved him for it!

If for some reason you've never seen Duke Nukem or Quake check out the two below videos (Quake video goes for 6-7 minutes).

Duke Nukem 3D


So there was Duke Nukem, Duke Nukem 2 (wow great name), Duke Nukem 3D (hah not bad) and finally Duke Nukem Forever (get it?!).. pretty clever naming if you ask me. The news that the sequel will finally be coming out after so many issues is hard to believe. I've waited for 13 odd years for this game, that's a pretty dam long time. 13 years ago the Internet was only starting to poke it's head up. Think back, here's a short list I came up with:

  • Pluto was a planet
  • The Internet was dialup, had 300 million users vs 2 billion
  • Mobile phones were a luxury
  • A billion less people were alive
  • Flat screens didn't exist
  • A gigabyte was a lot
  • Apple and Blackberry were fruit

The destructible environment was another great aspect, most objects could be destroyed including some walls (Red Faction eat your heart out). There are so many secrets scattered within Duke that it would be silly to even try and list them here. Some that spring to mind are the dead Doom guy, Indiana Jones, Terminator and so on.

Perhaps one of the greatest parts of the game was the multiplayer (be it co-op or dukematch!). Being a youngster I didn't know any better, but the game did not support TCP/IP but followed in Doom's steps of IPX. Head-to-head modem games were a common thing for my friends, calling on one phone line while playing on the other.. it was too much fun for a 12 year old. There was a pay service via Kali or TEN, however I never used it due to the ever increasing costs.

My first introduction to modding was thanks to Duke, however it was more common to call them TC's - Total Conversions. The first TC most kids got was the porn pack, replacing all the videos in the game with actual porn.. heh thanks Internet. Another first for myself thanks to Duke was the concept of expansion packs:

  • Duke Caribbean: Life's a Beach
  • Duke it out in D.C.
  • Duke: Nuclear Winter

I couldn't get enough of Duke, he was my first digital hero. Alas I digress, I heard about the sequel some time in 97 and have been waiting patiently.. well maybe not patiently. If anyone has visited the old 3D Realms forums the name KaiserSoze should ring - that guy is a trooper. I've been an off and on again reader of the forums for far too long.

1998 E3 - Quake 2 engine

2001 E3 - Unreal engine

2007 Teaser

There are plenty of web sites out there that will go into detail outlining every little promise and mistake 3D realms made, however I'd rather focus on media releases. Duke Nukem was an insanely fun game for it's time, a great mix of humour, fps and secrets - I'm looking forward to seeing what Gearbox can do!